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The 1970s: decade of decision

October 24, 1970 marks the 25th anniversary of the United Nations. As the world commemorates this event, international co-operation for economic and social development in the Third World is approaching a critical juncture.

In this issue, Dr. Malcom S. Adiseshiah, Deputy Director-General of Unesco, sets his analysis of the situation as this year sees the close of the U.N. Development Decade of the 1960s and the start of the Second Development Decade of the 1970s. Dr. Adiseshiah, who has just completed a major study on the role of education, science and culture in development entitled "Let My Country Awake," published last month by Unesco, presents here his frank views regarding the successes and setbacks ofthe past Decade and the action he feels is urgently called for to meet the problems of tomorrow.

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October 1970