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Alexander the Great: a true likeness from his father's tomb?

Is the ivory miniature reproduced on our cover a portrait of Alexander the Great ? The tomb in which it was found, possibly that of his father Philip II of Macedón, is one of several discovered recently at Vergina, northern Greece. As Professor Manolis Andronicos explains, they are believed to be part of the royal necropolis of the ancient kingdom of Macedonia.

The preservation of mankind's constantly growing cultural heritage is one of Unesco's primary concerns. With Unesco aid, the Government of Thailand is restoring the Buddhist statues and temples of the ancient Thai kingdom of Sukhothai, whose splendours are described in an article by Thai historian Subhadradis Diskul. But our cultural heritage is more than just stones and artefacts. The sacred mystery play of Elche is an example of a tenacious tradition, spanning some seven centuries, that has recently been recorded on film for posterity.

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June 1979