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Cancer: let's face it, there's a lot we can do!

"Cancer claims a steady toll of human lives all over the world and in many countries it is second only to diseases of the heart and arteries as a cause of death. It is also a disease which arouses strong emotions. Cancer is a subject many people prefer to shun; a disease which is commonly, and wrongly, believed to be untreatable;a disease from which many people die or suffer needlessly because, whether from ignorance or unreasoned fear, they do not seek advice until it is too late." These words by Dr M.G. Candau, Director-General of the World Health Organization, explain why WHO has chosen as its theme for 1970, "Early detection of cancer saves lives."

This issue of the "Unesco Courier" was prepared in collaboration with the Office of Public Information of WHO and the International Union Against Cancer.

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1970 May