Construir a paz nas mentes dos homens e das mulheres

Literacy: the ladder of achievement

We live in an age of grave uncertainties and immense hopes, an age in which all the nations of the world are, for the first time, joined in a single network of reciprocal relationships. Their destinies are henceforth interdependent, and the scientific and technological resources at their disposal could enable them to solve the bulk of their most urgent problems.

But in order to do this, they must stand united in their purpose and combine their efforts as they face a common future. In other words, humanity must prove capable of making a transition from interdependence to solidarity.

The practice of solidarity requires that each one of us should be always at the disposal of those who, however far away they may be, remain and must remain, our neighbours.

Solidarity cannot be enforced; it is lived.

One of UNESCO's fundamental tasks is to bring solidarity into effective being, for only solidarity can weave a fabric of friendship capable of uniting peoples and individuals from different cities, countries and continents.

And so today I am appealing to each of you to take part in a campaign of solidarity involving the UNESCO Courier.

You who are a reader of the UNESCO Courier, think of someone who is unknown to you and is yet your brother, of someone who because of his living conditions often feels alien to you, someone to whom the Unesco Courier can reveal all that brings you together and unites you. Offer him a subscription and thus contribute to UNESCO's efforts in favour of peace and friendship between men.

By so doing you can help make the UNESCO Courier the authentic voice of universal solidarity.

Amadou-Mahtar M'Bow, Director-General of the UNESCO

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February 1984