Construir a paz nas mentes dos homens e das mulheres

Mother tongue and the brain...

Scientific research reflects a very special and fundamental need of mankind: the need to understand, to explain, and to know. The search for knowledge has always beenan inspiration. By its very nature, research explores what is unknown; the scientist is always prepared for the unexpected.

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Dostoyevsky 'our great contemporary', by Octavio Paz

Are we getting the science we need? A hard look at science as a trigger of change, by  André Danzin and Ilya Prigogine

Mother tongue and the brain; a Japanese specialist's surprising discovery, by Howard Brabyn

The world of Dostoyevsky, by Elena Dmitrievna

Knots as numbers, by Georges Ifrah

An African cosmology, by Sulayman S. Nyang

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February 1982