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The Pearson Report: a new strategy for global development

International co-operation for development over the last 20 years has been of a nature and on a scale new to history. Yet massive aid and vast efforts by the developing countries have failed to close the gap between the industrial nations and the rest of the world. What new global strategy could close this gap and how soon? These are the questions examined in one of the most important studies on development produced in recent years the Pearson Report. 

This issue is devoted in major part to what has already come to be known as the "Pearson Report", the most comprehensive analysis to date of economic development.

Entitled "Partners in Development", the report proposes a new basis for international co-operation and spells out the responsibilities of both donor and recipient countries. Its proposals represent a far-reaching programme of action, a new global strategy that can transform the present aid framework into one that fits the changing needs of the developing world in the next two decades.

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Feburary 1970