Construir a paz nas mentes dos homens e das mulheres

The Sculpture of vibrations

Throughout the living and non-living world we find patterns of recurrent rhythms and periodic systems in which everything exists in a state of continual vibration, oscillation and pulsation. These rhythmic patterns can be observed not only in the beating of the heart, the circulation of the blood and the inhaling and exhaling of breathing, but also in the recurrent formation of cells and tissues, in the rhythmic movements of the oceans, the wave motion of sound and hypersonic vibrations, and in the vast universe extending from the cosmic systems of solar systems and galaxies down to the infinitesimal world of atomic and nuclear structures. In the following article. Dr. Hans Jenny, a Swiss scientist and artist, describes some of the experiments he has carried out in a long study of these rhythmic vibrations and presents some of the extraordinary results which this new field he has termed "Cymatics" (from the Greek kyma, wave) already reveals to us. Dr. Jenny believes that these experiments will give us new insight into the world of vibrations terrestial and extra-terrestialand eventually serve fields of research as diverse as astrophysics and biology.

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December 1969