O que eu posso fazer para ajudar no avanço da educação de meninas?


The COVID-19 crisis threatens years of progress made towards gender equality, putting over 11 million girls at risk of not returning to school. Even before the pandemic, 130 million girls were out of school! For many girls, school is more than a key to a better future, it’s a lifeline. Public health outbreaks and school closures can lead to increases in adolescent pregnancy, early and forced marriages, and sexual abuse.

Simple actions in peoples’ daily lives and work can have a major impact on the future of girls, communities and beyond.  Everyone has a role to play in building back equal and ensuring #LearningNeverStops for girls around the world. What will you do?



Are you active online?

Education for all is a human right protected by law. The aim of this campaign is to ensure the right to education regardless of gender. Help us make sure that this message is shared with the world via your personal social media network. Check out our social media pack in multiple languages and for different platforms.



Are you an engaged citizen?

Do you know someone who is out of school or has not returned to school as a result of the COVID-19 crisis? Download the informative girls back to school guide below which has a wealth of tips on how you can contribute. And it’s not only for young people. Education is a human right for everyone, spread the word and help us ensure every girl thrives and learns safely.



Are you a journalist?

Your ability to emphasise the importance of girls’ education and their return to school enables a broad reach into communities, countries and the world, and delivers a clearer understanding of the challenges. You can make sure that #LearningNeverStops in your communities, download the community radio toolkit which contains lots of information and good tips for your advocacy.



Are you a parent or guardian?

The decisions you make as a parent have a significant impact on your children’s future. Give your daughters the tools, space and opportunity to continue learning at home or online where possible, and ensure they return to school when it is safe. Help them fulfil their dreams and realise their full potential in and through education. Through your actions, you can change the course of how others around you act on ensuring the right to education for their daughters as well.



Are you a student?

Do know of friends who are out of school, or who have not returned to school due to the COVID-19 crisis? We have developed a handy youth advocacy toolkit to assist you in taking action to help them and others like them return to school. Download it below and join the campaign to ensure we build back equal. Your voice counts and can make a difference!



Are you a teacher or an educator?

As a teacher you impact the lives of many young people, and know when they are missing from school or stray off the learning path. You can play a significant role in encouraging learners to return to school, and engage communities and parents to promote their daughters’ right to an education. We have developed a useful girls back to school guide that can assist you in making sure that #LearningNeverStops for every girl.



Are you civil society member?

You represent a key group working around the world to ensure that every girl has access to quality education. Your voice is more important now as ever!  Help raise awareness of our tools and resources through your networks in order to influence policy and action at all levels to help advance the right to education for girls. You can start by widely sharing the girls back to school guide.



Are you a lawyer?

Education is a right protected by law. Lawyers and those in the legal sphere can offer critical support to citizens, and in particular girls, regarding their right to education. Your guidance, knowledge and advocacy in this aspect could determine whether girls return to school or remain at home. You can empower to build back equal.



Are you a parliamentarian?

Parliamentarians and lawmakers are the guardians of the right to education and must ensure that this fundamental right is not denied to anyone in their respective jurisdictions and States. They can help strengthen education laws and guarantee that international conventions and agreements are being legislated and implemented. Parliamentarians can influence key government decisions and actions on education. Get inspired by the girls back to school guide.



Are you a policy-maker or education sector leader?

Key leaderships positions relating to education can influence and inform critical decisions and policy making around girls’ education and their return to school after the COVID-19 crisis. Countries benefit from the contribution girls make in society if they complete their education, and it fulfils their human right to and education. Download the girls back to school guide and join our call to build back equal.

Participe de nossa campanha #AprendizagemNuncaPara para garantir que todas as meninas retornem às aulas quando as escolas se reabrirem - e que aquelas que já estavam fora da escola tenham acesso à educação!